Since 2008, Natural Wood Designs has established a widely respected reputation across London for designing, supplying and installing solid and hardwood wood flooring. The company provides a wide range of hardwood flooring services from classic to bespoke, so we have something to suit every budget and every requirement!


We are also a supplier of high quality solid wood flooring to architects, interior designers, construction companies, retailers and private home owners throughout London and even as far as Watford.


Combining comfort and beauty, Natural Wood Design is known for designing and supplying quality, elegant and unique wood flooring. Whichever area of your home you are looking to transform, a real hardwood floor can bring a classic style and timeless beauty to your space.


Natural Wood Designs knows the importance of supplying you with the right finishing for your new wood floor. We have a vast range of different finishes from sealing to staining which will sustain the durability of your hardwood floor, keeping it looking brand new in years to come.

What we do


Our professional team offer free home visits and site surveys across London, Wembley and Watford in order to ensure the appropriate solution of the product and installation for your room environment.

Your choice


As we have worked with so many architects and designers, we know that we have to design and supply bespoke wood flooring depending on the customer’s needs as they are all different and everyone wants something unique.

Why us?


Why us? We choose wood from selective high-quality factories around the world and carefully examine all factories to ensure the most competitive prices.

A beautiful and elegant wood floor

enriches a home’s charm.

We can achieve "that look" whether you want contemporary, ultra-smooth finish

or a dark, distressed or antique look for your wood floor.

Take a closer look at some of the solid wood flooring we can supply by visiting our show room today. See our vast range of products and ensure you find the right floor for you.

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